Thursday, November 21, 2019

Usability Engineering Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Usability Engineering - Assignment Example Each day, about 400 members register in the site (Dream in code: Online). Registered members normally enjoy full access to thousands of tutorials in programming, code snippets, and definite forums topics where members can engage in constructive discussions in regard to the topics of concern to the members. In the last eight years, DIC has become very reputable in providing expertise for many students and professional in a very friendly and timely manner. Members of this site have profiles and depending on their activities online, they are categorised as badges, contributors, authors, experts, mentors, alumni, administrators, moderators and webmasters. Badges occur below the usernames f the members. Contributors are members who submit tutorials and code snippets on the site (Dream in code: Online). Authors on the other and are members who have taken their time to write a number of tutorials or some unique code snippets. Experts are members who answer questions accurately and are seen as being experts in a particular forum. Members who are categorised as mentors are given privilege to moderate forums. The alumni are members who were previously members of the DCI staff. Moderators help the community to understand the rules of engagement and dedicate a number of hours daily in moderating the sight (HCI in the software process: Online). Administrators are awarded a green badge and are very active in the site. They help in the daily operations of the site and suggest improvements. The webmaster oversees the daily operations of the site. This project involves a number of issues that are related to usability engineering. It ranges from the development of the appropriate method and a detailed description of the same. This project is deeply motivated by the desire to analyse the usability of DCI and determine ways in which the target community group can be satisfied more effectively (HCI in the software process: Online). Therefore, the research work will involve two

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